Cyber Stalking - Paper

Cyber Stalking - Paper

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Cyber Stalking and Bullying
Tyler Stretton, Saige Tait, Emily Vieira
Professor: Allen
Due Date:October 5, 2012

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Research 4
Conclusion 5
Works Cited 6

The use of technology and the internet is becoming increasingly advanced and widely used in todays society. This also means that more people are abusing the use of technology and the internet. The internet and technology has made it extremely easy for people to stalk or harass other people over the internet.

Because of the fact that people were starting these problems with stalking they created the Protection from harassment act 1997. This act prevented civilians who were being stalked or harassed over the internet. Many attempts to pass the anti-stalking act had failed because there was too narrow of a list that prohibited things. The act that finally passed doesn’t state the actual word “harassment” it states that it “includes alarming a person or causing a person distress.” (Salter and Bryden 102) Most states require a ‘credible threat’ in order to get the stalker or harasser in trouble.
This doesn’t just happen to immature teenagers but many people in the workforce have had problems with stalking and harassing as well. Many businesses are liable for their employee’s reputation and such and this is called vicarious liability. Nowadays, before getting a job you must sign a contract saying you will behave the right way on the internet and be responsible. In turn, you should not show too much information enough so that people could stalk you or harass you in any way.

Because of cyber bullying and harassment, children, teens, and adults have suffered serious mental disruption. This has been such damage to their psyche, that many commit suicide. They get tormented for what many seem like an innocent game, but is a true act of murder. This is not only an act of violence but it also...

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