czech in america

czech in america

The Czech in America


COM 105
Professor Spiegel
April 10, 2014
  The Czech

Culture comes in many forms of races, colors and creeds. We who live in America should understand more than anyone else in the World. But I think we can always learn a little more, from other cultures than we can from our own. I had the pleasure to interview a good friend of mine who works with me at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, Ca. The gentlemen’s name is Rostik (Ross) Hosek, and he is from the Czech Republic. I done this cultural interview on him by asking him a series of questions to get a better understanding of his surroundings, how he grew up and what be believes and don’t believe. I also wanted to know what he felt about the American culture. This paper will contain information that I asked Ross and the candid answers that he gave me. It was very surprised to hear his response to some of the questions I asked.

The Czech
Here are the interview questions and answers.
Rostik Hosek- 48 year old male from Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)  
Ross for short Rostik is a 48 year old male, from Czechoslovakia. Ross grew up in the city of Ostrava, in the Czech Republic.  The following interview is in Ross’s own words
1. How do you identify yourself culturally? How did you come to this identification?
I am a Czech/American and an American Citizen. Yes I was born in Czechoslovakia, but I consider myself an American, I love some of my Czech heritage, but to me America is a great place to live. I believe I came to understand way before I got my citizenship. I had always had a dream of coming to America.
2. Under what conditions did you and your family enter the United States (immigrant, political refugee, slave, etc.)? What was that like?
My father left Czechoslovakia, when I was 19 years old, my father migrated with a few friends, here to the United States. It was not an easy trip. He traveled through...

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