Da Shiat

Da Shiat

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These are special *moments* that can only happen when you reach that
specific love color. Usually when you answer correctly that person raises
(amount please) love points. You need to have watched them all in order
PAST THE COLOR. Like if that person has a green heart but you missed the
blue heart event, you do not need to lower her heart.

You can keep track of the girls affection level with the bracelet above
or by watching their heart change color. The color of their heart is
based on the number of love points they have.

0-10000 black
10000-19999 purple
20000-29999 blue
30000-39999 green
40000-49999 yellow
50000-59999 orange
60000 and up red

Flora lives in the dig site with Carter. She spends most of her time at
the dig site. In fact I don't think I have ever seen her cross the
river. Flora likes diamonds and flowers.

Black: Enter the dig site at about 11:30 at night. Flora will come in
and think you are a strange looking person. Just let her get closer and
see you aren't a threat. Otherwise you get to see how a strong a
working girls is.

Purple: Go to the inner in around noon. Flora will be there wanting
Ruby to give her favorite drink. She is unhappy to hear they are out of
it and goes to blue bar to get some.

Blue: Enter the right side of the river below the dig site around 11:20
pm on a clear day. Flora will take you on a treasure hunt that will end
in unlocking the first of the hot springs by the circus.

Yellow: Go to the dig site on a clear day in the late evening. Flora
will give you a good look at her deepest insights into life.

Well, there we have it all the heart events for each of the girls. Each
of them also has a red heart event, but they are easy to trigger. They
are all done the same way. Once you have the girl up to...

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