Das Negros

Das Negros

Name:remy luc Week 2 Chapters 1-2

i) Your summary of the chapters:

Whispers In The Graveyard is a children novel written by United Kingdom book author, Theresa Breslin and published in 1994. Theresa Breslin’s Whispers In The Graveyard won the annual Carnegie Medal from the Library Association. The first 2 chapters of Whispers In The Graveyard is about a boy called Solomon who has the disability called dyslexia. Solomon has a very hard time living his life as his mother left when he was a kid, his father is an acute alcoholic and everyone always put him as target of bullying, including his teacher called Mr. Watkins.

Solomon, a boy who suffers with dyslexia was standing in the middle of the graveyard. He didn’t know what to do or how to deal with his life. Poverty is his daily life, living a hard time as he grew up with his alcoholic father who later discovered is also a dyslexic, his dad keep neglecting him and drinks all the time. Not only that, his mother left him when he was a kid since his mother is fed up with his father’s alcoholic abusive attitude, leaving him to struggle by himself. Solomon had nowhere to run. Nevertheless, he finally found his sanctuary, a special place in a middle of graveyard where he can make up stories and reveal every thought in his mind.

Solomon’s life is a journey and I can tell it was not an easy ride. School is something difficult for Sol as he struggle with his dyslexia. He could not place words in a proper order, he didn’t able to arrange word into a good sentence and most definitely his disability caused him to be considered as a stupid and lazy student. Sol’s misery would not stop there. Everyone tend to picks on him; making fun of his disability, discriminated by most of his friends and in fact, his teacher Mr. Watkins who supposed to be the one who guide him were also bullying him in a cruel way; mocking at his assignment and sent him out in a disrespectful way. One thing for...

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