Database Analysis in the Workplace

Database Analysis in the Workplace

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Databases in the Workplace

Many different types of databases are used within the average workplace. Organizations utilize databases to effectively store and provide critical business related information to its users. Information within the database can be searched, sorted, filtered, and manipulated to suit the needs of the business. The following examples show just one company’s use of many databases related to their business environment.
Computer Sciences Corporation, or CSC, is a global leader in providing technology enabled business solutions and services (CSC: Business Solutions, Technology and Outsourcing, 2009). Living up to this business commitment requires CSC to provide optimum access to critical information to their employees. One way of accomplishing this feat is by establishing essential database elements throughout the organization.
One highly essential database that CSC uses is called the Active Directory Database. This database, created my Microsoft, is primarily used in a Windows environment. User accounts and their credentials are stored within this database. This database is a vital component of the security measures used within the company. Network authentication is performed within the Active Directory database, among many other important administrative functions.
Another critical database that is used primarily by call center agents is the Siebel Customer Relations Management Software Database. This customizable database allows the company to format and store a number of data tables that are utilized every time a customer service agent logs into the CRM web interface. They are able to retrieve stored detailed information that pertains to the customer they are servicing.
The Call Management System (CMS) Database is a collection of a number of data tables that gather and store call data from the PBX. The CMS data is then retrieved by Supervisors, Administrators, etc. by a client...

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