DBQ practice

DBQ practice

Document 1:

A- pilgrims

P- organizing a government before disembarking from Mayflower

P- ensuring a theocracy

Sentence: As the Pilgrims disembarked from the Mayflower, they wrote the Mayflower Compact
in order to organize a government and ensure a theocracy.

Document 2:

A- colonizers of Connecticut

P- to maintain peace and establish orderly and decent gov. according to God

P- religious

Sentence: The Puritans of Connecticut wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut to maintain
peace and establish an orderly government according to their religious beliefs.

Document 3:

A- Massachusetts, New Plymouth, Connecticut, and new haven

P- form military alliance

P- protect themselves against natives

Sentence: During the period of salutary neglect, The New England Confederation was formed
between Massachusetts, New Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven in order to form a military
alliance to protect themselves against the natives.

Document 4:

A- English colonies in North America

P- make colony more useful to crown and one another's safety

P- unite colonies

Sentence: William Penn suggested the Plan of Union to the colonies in order make the colonies
more useful to the crown and one another, for safety and economic reasons.

Document 5:

A- colonies

P- to form one general gov. for colonies that is supported by crown and still have have each
colony function under their own constitution

P- unite colonies

Sentence: The Albany Plan of Union advocated for a unity of all of the colonies in order to form
one general government for the colonies, supported by the crown, but still have each colony
function under their own constitution. Although this plan never went into action because each
colony was jealous of its own taxation power, it set a precedent for future unity.

Document 6:

A- colonies

P- show the colonies that they can't function the right way if they do not unite

P- unite...

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