Deadly Unna Essay

Deadly Unna Essay

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It has been said with the novel ‘Deadly Unna’ by Phillip Gwynne that the most significant event was the death of Dumby Red. There are also a number of other significant events. In the novel there is a lot of racism involved. The main character Garry Black used to be a racist person, until he became friends with an aborigine named Dumby Red. This made him more open minded to understanding how racism destroys a community. The town is separated by the Goonyas (whites) whom live in Port and Nungas (blacks) whom live in Point. One of the key events in the novel is the Grand final.

The grand final day is one of the key events in the novel. Garry’s (Blacky) team is called the Port and the other team he played against is the Wangaroos. His team won by a point, because of Blacky‘s accidental tackle to the Thumper. After the grand final they had a team party and almost everybody was there. Even though he felt unwell because of the tackle he still went to the party.

He met Dumby’s sister Clarence and they had a smoke under the jetty. People frowned on him meeting her and even his friend Darcy said “Just a word of advice from an old bugger who’s seen a thing or two in his day. You be careful of these gins now, lad. Nice girls, but they’ve all got the clap”. He then saw the words “BOONGS PISS OFF” sprayed in graffiti on the shed. When the presentation started Blacky was shocked to find out that he had won the Best Team-man Trophy. The coach was a bit biased because he gave his son the Best on Ground Trophy. However Blacky wasn’t happy about that because he believed that the trophy should have been awarded to Dumby Red instead was much more involved in the game and influenced the team’s chances of winning.

The Grand final day and playing footy together (blacks and whites) was a key event in the novel as it brought the community together during the time they played footy together. Their racist views were put aside and forgotten and they became united. This was...

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