Deadly Unna and Gary Black

Deadly Unna and Gary Black

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In the novel “Deadly Unna?” Garry Black (Blacky) confronts many problems, pressures and challenges, which are all resolved in some way. This allows Garry to grow into a more independent and resilient young man.

The first of many issues, Garry Black comes across, is the football grand final. As Garry is not a confident, skilful player, he is faced with the challenge of playing first ruck, as the original first ruck Carol was found underage. Blacky is faced with enormous amounts of pressure from the hole town as they say “The game is on or lost in the ruck!” Blacky knows he has to win the game fort he team and the town, but also for Arks.
“Been in eight grand finals- three in town, two here in the Port as a player and three as a coach and I never won, not one of the buggers, not a bloody one”
When Blacky is the reason for ‘The Port’ to win the grand final he becomes the hero, but Blacky knows that he didn’t intend to stop the thumper it was just an accident, a sense of guilt comes across Blacky. This is one example of Blacky dealing with a problem and changing, having succeeded in going from weak and insecure to a more confident successful young man.

The Next challenge Garry comes across is his farther. Blacky’s farther is a failure of a farther, he hasn’t been there for Garry like a normal farther should be instead he spends most of his time at the pub as he is an alcoholic. In Blacky’s childhood an incident with his farther pushes him to have a low self esteem, as his farther calls him a ‘Gutless Wonder”. By the end of “Deadly Unna?” Garry stands up to his farther and proves him wrong. This shows that Garry is no longer scared of his farther, and has over come his fears and grown more independent.

In “Deadly Unna?” there is a choice been made by Blacky, the choice of two different girls? Clarence is a Nunga and Cathy is the gorgeous city girl just visiting.

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