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‘The Blacks’ day in court’
This news paper article is about Mr Conrad Black, the writer did not seem to be worried on how he could be seen by the readers, since he did not hide the fact that he was pretty much in favour for the decapitation of Mr Black even thou it was not necessary. The writer uses bias loaded language to put across his message, in that he does his best to make Mr Black look as evil as possible. The methods used by the writer to achieve purpose, such as tones and style does not only implicates that he was very much against him, but also tries to persuade the readers into believing him.

Through out the article the writer uses bias loaded language; in fact I have identified some which are stated below.

Bias loaded language.

“To any one familiar with the Mr Black of old, the man who went to a fancy dress party as Duc de Richelieu with (his wife playing Marie Antoinette), here looks more sober-suited than he has been for years attired in a modest grey two pieces that does its best to smother the bombast and arrogance that his default style.”

The writer tries to resemble Mr Black and his wife to people with bad reputation in the past.

1. Here he looks more sober-suited then he has been for years, attired in a modest grey two pieces that does its best to smoother the bombast and arrogance that is his default style.

This is were the writer crosses the line, with this bias comments he makes it look more like a personal issue then a simple article.

2. In the day before the trial black, who is accused of fleecing his Hollinger international media empire of $84 million, has been full of bullish confidence.

This is an opinionated and bias statement by the writer; he once again brings irrelevant information to the matter that is being dealt with by the court.

3. He even chose to slip into the court by a back entrance.
4. The court building was not a place that Lord Black would find to his liking. It was designed by...

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