Death Penalty - paper

Death Penalty - paper

People get sentenced to the death penalty when they commit first degree murder with biological evidence linking the person to the murder or a video tape confession by the defendant. The death penalty is when the person or defendant has murdered and has been sentenced by the jury for them to executed by the state. The death penalty has been a long conversation in the past few years. We should have the death penalty cause its fair. The person who commited the murder is hurting the family and the person should feel how it is to be murdered. The people that should be sentenced are rapiest,murders,terriost. People that commit horrendous crimes should be sentenced to the death penalty.

The very first case of death penalty was in Jamestown on december 1607. Only 35 states have the right to convict people of the death penalty. There are 15 without the death penalty. In california we have had 13 people sentenced to the death penalty, in the 35 states we have had 3,300 people on death row. The most race that has beenon death row is african americans. In 2005 juviniles were able to be sentenced to the death penalty. In 2002 they said it is not right execute people with mental disabilites. There are 5 diffrent way to be executed the Lethal Injection,Eletric chair,Gas chamber.Hanging, and the firing squad.

The death penalty is a fitting crime for people that committed horrendous crimes. In the case that a little child was brutaly raped and murdered, who would want that horrible crime on their shoulders throught the rest of your life. Allowing a vicious criminal the right to live by being on death row would seem too humane. One may say that the death penalty is great because we would have way to many vicious criminals walking the streets and polluting our jails. Some people are scared to let their children outside to play cause no one knows what is going to happen.

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