Decision Making Process: Sun Systems Inc.

Decision Making Process: Sun Systems Inc.

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Decision-Making Process: Sun Systems Inc.

Learning Team B

University of Phoenix

June 28, 2004

The core values and mission of an organization are contingent upon building team morale and promoting a healthy working environment free of negativity and conflict. Achieving the strategic goals and mission of Sun Systems Inc. is to achieve a high standard of excellence by building a well-trained and productive workforce while providing the best support to their customers. In addition, Sun System’s Inc values its employee’s and the service they provide. Through effective decision making and problem solving strategies, the corporation can develop an effective plan that can be readily accepted by the organization and its employee base.

Although Sun Systems Inc. strives to maintain a productive and team oriented work environment, the corporation is faced with challenges directly related to the lack of acceptance and support of its employee base during the development and implementation of a new call management application and support process. In an effort to support the goals of the organization and in building a strong sound work environment free of conflict, problems such as emotional barriers, communication problems, negative perceptions, and a poorly managed work environment need to be identified and strategically resolved.

The key to addressing the problems and resolving the employee concerns in an effort to arrive at a solution can be accomplished by the formulation and implementation of effective problem solving and decision making techniques. The objective is to reach an amicable solution in which both the employee and corporation will be satisfied. The three primary problem solving tools and techniques utilized in meeting the goals and resolving the core problems at Sun Systems Inc. are identified as brainstorming, force field analysis, and use of a decision tree in evaluation and consideration of the...

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