Delivering Crickets

Delivering Crickets

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Materials – can influence appearance of the object

Ergonomics – the way the object conforms to the human form
Robust (well built)

Tasks starts with:
Definition of form and function.
A brief statement that highlights the key items listed in your brief.
Analyse your product using the above.
Include visual description (using graphic terminology)

In order to create a successful design, it must have an appropriate form and also be functional. By the form of the design, we are indicating the description (the way it looks) of the product. There are many elements associated in the form of an object such as: colour, texture, size, is it symmetrical/asymmetrical, is it angular/organic and what materials is it made from. The function of the design describes the use of the product and its practicality. Element in association with the function of a product include: how ergonomic, stable, robust, functional and durable the object is.
The product is to a design a wall unit which can store a TV, DVD players etc. DVD’s, games etc. The design must be both functional and have interesting form. The theme of my product is a shark tooth, which makes it a suitable theme with the seaside retreat as they compliment each other. The product has a slot which can store DVD players, foxtel boxes, VCR players etc. In order to store all the DVDs and Games, there are two draws which can be used for this. There is also a large space, which the TV will occupy. The overall product is shaped like a shark tooth. It has an organically shaped base made from wood, which has two draws with massive knobs, to store DVDs, Games, etc and is also made from wood. It then has a horizontal slot/shelf above the base to store the DVD players etc. Above the shelf is an angular, triangular shaped block of wood which supports the widescreen TV using a bracket. This block is...

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