Democracy in India

Democracy in India

Let Sleeping Gods Lie

The Church's 'harvest of souls' policy has led us to this foul juncture

The recent violence involving the church and locals in Orissa and elsewhere has, it is said, sullied India's image abroad, put the Sangh parivar in a spot and evoked global sympathy for the "hapless Christians", the victims of those fascist Bajrang Dal goons.

The broad picture put out by the 'secular' media (Outlook included) mirrors the position of the Church: the missionaries only serve the underprivileged, they have no evangelical agenda. The Manuvadi vested interests cannot stand the emancipation of the hapless poor and hence resort to violence
|Also, conversion from indigenous faiths to Christianity through fraudulent means is a bogey raised by the parivar to cover its |
|black deeds. In short, the church's motives are pious and those of its opponents devilish. |
| |
|But what |
| |
|[pic] |

|are the facts? Were relations between the church and locals all hunky-dory before the arrival of the Bajrang Dal a few decades |
|back? Will the problem disappear if the Sangh is exiled from the country? Are the allegations against the church a Sangh |
|concoction? Finally, is it church vs parivar or church vs locals? |
| |
|To find...

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