Concept of Democracy

Concept of Democracy

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Concept of Democracy
Individual Freedom

I believe that the concept of individual freedom in a democracy has not been fully

established in our country. It is right that there has to be some form of order and law or we

would have a state of anarchy, but there are some freedoms taken away from a person that is

causing no harm to anyone else. I know that we are never going to have every single person in

our country being happy with the government and it will always be “stepping on people’s toes”,

but it doesn’t seem right to me for the government to take away a citizen’s right when it is not

interfering with anything but that citizen’s own life. People trying to restrict gay marriage laws

are directly taking away that individual's equal marriage rights. Immigration is another thing that

is in conflict with individual rights. If a person is living in a worse country that is not nearly at

the standards of our great country then doesn't that individual have every right to seek a better

life? If we try to stop him or her then we are definitely interfering with that individual's right to

pursue his own good. I agree that an open border policy would be extreme, but that is not the

only solution. There are other ways of making it easier for an immigrant to become citizens. I

always have believed that if it is causing no harm it shouldn't bother you. The democratic

presidents and senators are usually more pro-choice for people to make their own decisions and

not try to force them to do what one person feels is right. I agree that some of the things that

people may want to be legal are not biblical and not what is the right thing, but I think that it is

not our place or any President or senator's place to tell a person what is right or wrong. One has

to understand that not everyone in our country has the same religion or minds as other people

have and I think it is very wrong to try to...

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