Basic Concepts of Democracy

Basic Concepts of Democracy

Basic concepts of Democracy

The basic concepts of Democracy are very simple and easily attainable, that is why the U.S is one of the most advanced populations. I believe if everyone looked to these “rules” as the way to live our lives the world would be a more respectable environment.

1. A recognition of the fundamental worth and dignity of every person
- If everyone looked at each other as a person the world would be a more peaceful place to live. A person should put there selves in the shoes of the opposite person before doing or saying hateful things. Everyone is going to have different beliefs and ways of life and that’s fine, but as a person we should all be able to look past our personal wants or needs to create a better future for everyone.

2. A respect for the equality of all persons
-As I stated above, everyone will choose to believe in certain things that may bring offense to another person or group of people. We are all human beings and no one of us was created the same or even relatively the same. So as a mass population we need to look past our differences to look towards a non violent and peaceful future.

3. A faith in majority rule and an insistence upon minority rights
- Everything should be decided by majority rule in my book. It makes the majority of the people happy and leads to the smallest amount of social issues. I’m not saying the smaller of the two groups or the minority group should suffer 100% of the majority vote. There should be an acceptance of compromise involved as stated in concept number 4.

4. An acceptance of the necessity of compromise
- As I stated above no group of people will all agree on one rule or law 100% so in saying that I feel that other laws or rules should be instated that loosen up the tension in the minority group. Even if there was a group of two the group would work together if even the “loser” of the argument received some type of compensation for his troubles. And to better the...

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