Desert Biological Report

Desert Biological Report

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Distribution of the Gambel's Quail Population

Robert Valerio

Research Question:

Are Gambel's Quail populations in residential and wild areas similar in number?


Dates & Times: February 3rd and 4th the data was collected. On the 3rd I went to the park to collect my data for regarding these birds in the wild and on the 4th I collected my info about the birds living in residential areas. Both days the data was collected between 3:00 and 4:30 in the afternoon.

Locations: A small residential neighborhood by the intersection of Tangerine and La Canada road in the northwest side of Tucson Arizona. Also at Agua Caliente park on the Northeast side of Tucson.

Sample: The area I choose for observing these birds in the wild was an open field about a half a mile by a half of mile. There were many short trees and the field was covered in grass. A wash was also in close range. The residential area I choose had somewhat of a rocky terrain. Some yards had grass and the houses varied some being two stories and others single level homes.

Data collected: To collect my data I walked through these two separate areas and recorded the numbers of males, females and young that I saw. I also analyzed the bird’s behaviors and tendencies. I approached the birds to observe their behavior as well.

Data Analysis: After tallying my count for each location, I then compared their numbers and will display them in this paper using a table. Then I determined whether the populations were similar in these different settings. I also took note of the different characteristics of the populations.


Summary: Aside from taking their actual numbers I also observed some very interesting things about the Gambel’s Quail. The first thing I noticed when recording data was that they stay separate. That is a male and female do not live together. For example when I first started to take count in the park I noticed that all of the birds I was...

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