Detailed Maize Processing Machinery Working Steps

Detailed Maize Processing Machinery Working Steps

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Prepare proper maize for MAIZE PROCESSING MACHINERY
Go to supermarket to buy a bag of maize, making full preparation for your maize flour milling. The more you buy, the more convenient it will be for you. Because you can make whatever flour you like and there is no need for you to go out too often.

Step2 Clean and soak maize
Pour some maize into a pot and wash the maize for several minutes, waiting some impurities and bad quality rice to float on the water. Pour the water and impurities out, add some clean and healthy water to ensure your maize to soak clean water.

Step3 Dry the maize
Put the maize into a filter for half an hour until the rice isn't wet. But you should also ensure it's dampened. The maize mustn't be wet for making flour by maize processing machinery but should be dampened.

Step4 Mill the maize
This is the most important step of making maize flour. You can buy a domestic maize milling machine. It's portable and convenient for home use. It also covers little space in your house, easy to operate and use.

Step5 Store
After the maize milling machine, you can store the maize flour in a sealed container which contains no air otherwise the flour will become wet and moldy, which is bad for your health and makes all above efforts.

As is known to all, maize flour plays an important role on the table of thousands of millions of families. Do you want to DIY maize flour by maize processing machinery at home? In fact, making rice flour is simple and easy. Rice flour has ivory color, sweet and delicious flavor and rich nutrition, fitting for making into many delicious food.
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