Questions and Answers for Maize Processing Machinery

Questions and Answers for Maize Processing Machinery

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Every industry, every product in our daily life plays a very important role, so does the MAIZE PROCESSING MACHINERY. It plays a very important role in our diet life, sales of maize processing machinery goes steadily up with the development of the society. Due to the demand is constantly increasing, the maize processing machinery sales should have a correct orientation.

For any enterprise, the first thing to work out is the products sale orientation. As we always believe, a good beginning is half the battle.

What’s the characteristic of your maize processing machinery?
Skin-core separating maize processing machinery is one of the leading products in our company, we meet the requirement of the market and customers, absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology, continuous improve the flour processing series products.

What kind of identification or authentication do you win?
We Win Tone are an ISO 9001 approved, CE certified company providing complete project of maize processing machinery, wheat, corn, rice flour mill machine.

What is the after-sales service commitment?
We provided free installation and debugging within the scope of the services, and one year warranty. Door to door maintenance service is paid.

What is the mechanical parameter data?
Roller specification: (∮220*400mm)
Productivity: (wheat: 250—320kg/h)
Overall dimensions 2.3 m* 2.3 m * 3.3 m (L*W*H)

How much space is required for plant generally?
Two rooms (20 ㎡ - 30 ㎡) can put all the equipment, and also can leave flow space.

If I purchase your equipment, what do I need to prepare?
Get ready for the three phase power supply, and main power motor in advance.

How many days for the shipment and installation?
We deliver goods within three working days.
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