Developing Futrue Transformational Leaders

Developing Futrue Transformational Leaders

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Planning and Developing Future Transformational Leaders

Harold D. Lewis, Sr.

After five years of working with the Community Flooring Company and coaching its new CEO in transitioning into his new position, we are being retained to continue our work with the company. Our external involvement this time will involve helping the company to identify high potential employees, evaluating and assessing their leadership skills, highlighting specific core competencies related to transformational leadership and describing for the CEO how critical his role is in the training and support of the company’s future leaders.

Planning and Developing Future Transformational Leaders
After working with the Community Flooring Company for the past five years and coaching the new CEO as he transitioned into his new position, the company is now requesting the service of this external coach once again to identify, develop and educate future leaders within the Community Flooring Company. Within the context of this paper, this external coach will outline strategies that will help to identify high potential leaders, methods for evaluating leadership skills of current employees, focusing on specific transformational leadership competencies and describing the critical role of the CEO during the leadership training. In conclusion, follow up suggestions will be offered to the Community Flooring Company to encourage motivating and developing an internal pool of future leaders.
Identifying High Potential Leaders
As we begin the new assignment and relationship with the Community Flooring Company, it is imperative that we delineate between a high performing leader and a high potential leader. It was Steve Schumacher (2009) in his article entitled High Potential Employees who stated that it is important to distinguish between a high performing employee and a high potential...

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