Differences Between Kenyan and South African Parks? What Solutions?

Differences Between Kenyan and South African Parks? What Solutions?

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Africa is such an enormous reserve of differences ; animals and vegetables are highly represented in this continent. Diversity is one of the specificity, with poverty unfortunately. This brings naturally problems to deal with.

There are two countries with very large parks, and protected animals in. In Kenya and South Africa there are large differences about those reserves.

Kenya is well-known for animals leaving in total liberty. It brings a lot of tourism and it is one of the most appreciated places to see animals and make safaris, take photo and enjoy the mount Kilimandjaro.

Kenya’s parks are very large and there is a lack of security, villagers are hunting although it is forbidden, there are also entrepreneurs who are carried about rare plants and obviously ivory poachers.

The problems leads on staff shortages and financial difficulties, of course the government is guilty but money is not raining in Kenya. The security staff needs to be doubled in order to insure the preservation of diversity.

But it seems that authority is using money in a different way, not the best for sure. The problem of corruption is well-known in African countries and leaders prefer to use money for them rather than for elephants or animals in difficulty. How could it be possible to solve the problem with dictators in government? Democracy does not exist to protect the most beautiful side of Kenya.

We cannot discuss this issue from an European point of view. Farmers and population of these countries are really poor and have to traffic just in order to live. There are not the only culprits of animals extermination. Wealthy smugglers improve hunting in giving big money to poachers and taking no risks at all. The Kenyan traffic of ivory is one the biggest in the world and it is not going to stop. People who struggle every day to survive don’t consider that following the law is a priority and it can be easily understandable.

What about solutions? The best will be...

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