Differences Between Magazines

Differences Between Magazines

Heat and Empire front cover

Design and layout

Design and layout is an important matter of the front cover as it will be the initial feature that the audience view. There are different backgrounds for different headlines which make the front cover more appealing and seem more stimulating as well as the paparazzi images accompanied by anchorage. The cover is framed with a banner at the top and bottom of the page which structures the bright and eventful page along with the montage of paparazzi pictures with in the page which suggest the gossip and scandal style of the media text. The hectic page connotes the great amount to read and also suggests the magazine’s individuality. The slogan laid across the page horizontally divides the page up and is a form of anchorage attached to the images of Beyonce, Jennifer Anniston and Britney in beach wear. There a three main sectors of the page; the masthead and anchorage of big brother images, the main slogan and images of celebrities as well as weight loss and then the bottom image of Jade and Jeff and anchorage stating they are “back together for one day”. This division of the page enables easier viewing for the audience and also breaks the different headlines up.

However, the Empire cover is set out a lot more controlled and less congested with images and the design and layout suggests a niche magazine, however, still conveys that there is a lot in side the magazine by the vast amount of text. The strap line beneath ‘Empire’ reinforces the connotation of power “The UK’s No.1 Movie Magazine” which goes with the genre of the magazine as it promotes thriller films with dominant characters shown such as Spiderman and Catwoman. The image of Spiderman and Catwoman on either side of King Arthur create an effect that he is powerful and the length of the image conveys the character’s dominance. The anchorage “King Arthur” goes from the left hand side to the right hand side and this text splits the page and creates an...

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