Different Types of Jaw Crusher

Different Types of Jaw Crusher

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Jaw crusher is mainly used for various material compressive strength of no more than 320Mpa in crushing, crushing operations, has the characteristics of big crushing ratio, high yield, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, convenient repair, operating cost. Pew jaw crusher widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

Jaw crusher is usually in accordance with the movable jaw motion characteristics to classify, the most widely used in industry there are two main types of:
1) moves double toggle mechanism is simple swing (the so-called simple pendulum jaw crusher).
2) single toggle jaw swing mechanism complex (the so-called compound pendulum jaw crusher). Hydraulic technology has been used in crushing device, a hydraulic jaw crusher.

Movable pe jaw crusher plate movement is by means of connecting rod, a thrust plate mechanism to realize. It is composed of 7 flywheels, eccentric shaft, connecting rod 9, 8 thrust plate and the rear thrust plate 13. When the motor through a belt wheel drives the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod movement. The connecting rod up and down movement, the thrust plate motion. The thrust plate movement will continue to change the inclination angle results, so the movable jaw plate on the hanging shaft reciprocating motion, thus crushing ore. When the movable jaw forward swing, a horizontal pull rod through the inertia force of spring 10 to balance the jaw and thrust plate produced, the jaw and thrust plate closely, not separation. When the movable jaw backward, spring can play assistance role.

Flywheel for jaw crusher is working, the working stroke and idle stroke, so, the motor load unbalanced. In order to make uniform load, will be in the jaw moving backward (away from the fixed jaw plate), to store idle stroke energy, in order to stroke work (crushed ore), then the total energy release. Using the inertia principle, in the two ends...

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