Different Worlds

Different Worlds

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The short story "Cathedral" written by Raymod Carver is about one man's prejudice is overcome by another man's gift. The husband in the story Bub is given the gift to see through a blind man's eyes. This gift comes from the cathedral Bub and the blind man Robert drew together. Bub experienced the feeling of a blind man for the first time while "looking" at the cathedral with his eyes closed.

Bub is very threatned by the blind man in his house. People often place a "wall" infront of themselves when it comes to dealing with people of different qualities. The husband has a very cold emotion toward Robert because he didn't have any experience around blind people. However spending time with the blind man makes him realize he has nothing to fear. Drawing the cathedral creates a bond between Bub and Robert. The blind man says, “Never thought anything like this could happen in your lifetime did you, bub?" Robert is indicating that usually a blind man and a man who has the ability to see can actually find a way of bonding.

Bub's understanding of Robert is also enhanced when Robert decides to smoke some dope with Bub, even though he hadn't tried it before. This brings them both closer together like as if they were old friends. Bub is now seeing Robert as a human being and maybe a friend as well. Those who have the disability not to see are still very alike with those who can see.

Having the connection due to the drawing of the cathedral shows us that blind people and people who still have their eye sight can still connect in some sort of way. We are all human and we are all different, just like Robert who is different. Bub learned to accept that once he got to know the blind man a lot more. People tend to think that those who were born differently live in a different world. However, we should all learn to combined our worlds just as Robert and Bub had expercienced.

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