Disadvantages of Cce Pattern

Disadvantages of Cce Pattern


The biggest disadvantage of cce is the grading system. The student scoring 90 marks and 99 marks will both score A*.So it'll be really unfair with the student scoring 99 marks...
The grading system may actually lead to more stress and disincentive to performance.

In addition to CBSE, SSC by state boards and ICSE are also conducting exams for std X and they continue to follow the marks system and percentage of mark in each subject. Marks percentage and percentile are not comparable. This leads to an open ended situation particularly for std XI admission process seeking admission from CBSE to other boards and has to be seen how will be tackled.
Many students are shy n they can’t speak well n get nervous when FAs r going on orally. The same students can express themselves better with a pen n paper.

Some teachers like certain slot of students.....so when assessment is by d teachers, however intelligent d child is they tend 2 give less marks.

When the question paper is passed on school level it’s a bit hard n can b other than NCERT because teachers c what they have taught not what’s there in the book.

We have so much work. Most of the teachers are unable to finish their portions as time is wasted for activities, projects, assignments etc. They just rush through the portion without making the students understand and then they give a whole load of projects and homeworks. And the cycle starts all over again. You are forced to participate in all the events, even the ones that you hate. A child who can't sing is forced to make a fool of himself or herself. Can anyone tell me how this is going to "develop their confidence"?

I am student of tenth standard and i definitely oppose CCE because it has not reduced the burden on us but it had doubled it. How can we study when whole day of our spent on working on projects, models and files. I think it is not correct when summative are on our head. We have to take part in all...

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