Internet Disadvantages

Internet Disadvantages

While communication standards all over the world have progressed rapidly, the internet continues to be at the helm of controversies and scandals. Firstly, the internet is not all that efficient at connecting people. Most Internet Service Providers have a tough time with connectivity issues and some are even charging their clients large sums of money for downloads.

Secondly, there seems to a XXX rating for all internet social networking sites as most of them have unadulterated porn in the name of games and fun. If you look at the chat transcripts, you will see what all goes in the name of chatting and messaging. Chatting is also a pest of a tool as it allows all the worst connections a peep into your private life. Some webcam viewers literally get away with porn and crime, while they’re at it.

The internet is another nuisance as it steals away precious moments of your day when you can actually dive into some healthy reading habits. Blogs and live feeds are also a waste of time, as half of the time, bird brained viewers are typing away at opinions that make no difference to anybody and are a real waste of time.

The internet is also eating away at snail mail and traditional print media as it stakes it claim at being the greatest invention of the century. But not so great after all!

If you have broadband you will realize that none of the internet browsers work for more than six months. You have to constantly upgrade to a better browser, even a better computer. The games and entertainment that go on on the internet are also mindless engagements in brutal violence.

Also, despite all the virus protection, you are liable to get all the possible viruses from other affected sites. Even online hacking is becoming a respected art nowadays and no means are enough to track the culprits. Once you have your credit card and bank details up on the net, you are most likely to get pilfered. I’m thinking of doing away with the net, it’s the most irritating pe(s)t I’ve...

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