The Internet

The Internet

The Internet – An Untapped Fountain of Potential
Prepared by: Joseph Santos Robbins
October 10, 2014
DeVry University – Fremont

TO: M-Global Executive and Marketing Staff
FROM: Joseph Santos Robbins, Sales Manager
DATE: October 19th, 2014
SUBJECT: Instructions on the Use of Office Fax Machines
First, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. As you are aware, our current sales figures do not reflect the potential of M-Global. I believe the reason behind this lack of sales is due to our company not taking part in online marketing. The Internet is very quickly becoming the preferred method for consumers of not only communication and research, but also conducting shopping. This unutilized resource is a gateway to the many millions of people who surf the Internet daily. My intent of this proposal is to convince you, the executive staff, to task the marketing team with venturing into the online marketplace. This is absolutely essential to maximizing our profits.
I am convinced that if we are able to successfully execute our venture into online marketing, M-Global will remain a global leader in the sales industry.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
The Changing Times 5
Accessibility 6
Conclusion 7
Proposal Recommendations 8
Bibliography 9

Figure 1 – OVK Online Marketing Study 5
Figure 2 – Example of Viral Marketing 6

Executive Summary
October 19th, 2014
Dear Executive and Marketing Staff,
Since 1990, M-Global has been at the forefront of technology and innovation. We as a company pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to the dynamic landscape of customer service, and to provide the highest quality experience for our clients. It is to this end that I would like to discuss our future direction in marketing. In order to guarantee our competitive edge in...

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