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Model Informative Essay
The Invention of Instant Noodles
As the name suggests, instant noodles
can be prepared in a short amount of
time. The noodles have already been
cooked and then dried so when boiling
water is added, they can be eaten in a
few minutes. They are usually
accompanied by tiny packets which
contain flavouring powder or seasoning

Instant Noodles (

oil and dried vegetables.
The creator was a Taiwanese-Japanese entrepreneur named Momofuku Ando (1910-2007)
(Diao, 2015; Hevesi, 2007). After World War II – a time when Japan was suffering from postwar poverty – Ando was walking through the cold streets of Osaka where he saw people in
20-30 metre queues waiting patiently for hours; just for a bowl of ramen. It was then that
he wanted to develop a fast and inexpensive way to end this hunger (Hevesi, 2007).

Ando devoted all his time and energy into finding a method to create instant ramen. After
countless days and nights working in his backyard shed, in 1958 Ando finally released Chiken
Ramen, the first instant noodle product in the world (Solt, 2012). Since that moment, Ando’s
company Nissin Foods Corporation has thrived into a multi-billion dollar industry (Hevesi,
2007; Solt, 2012).
Current uses/impacts
While instant noodles are incredibly popular in Asian markets, they are also found in all
other parts of the world. For instance, in 2014 Australia consumed approximately 360

million packets whereas Saudi Arabia almost had
double that amount, consuming around 690
million packets (World Instant Noodles
Association [WINA], 2015). Nonetheless, the
leading country and region which had the
highest consumption overall was China & Hong
Kong, with an estimated 44 billion packets
(WINA, 2015). Instant noodles are not only being
eaten on earth, but in 2005 Space Ram was
eaten by astronauts in outer space (Diao, 2015;

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