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´╗┐As the technology develops rapidly, the Internet has integrated into our lives widely. Nowadays, we mostly cannot work without the Internet, because it helps us access many information much more convenient. Some people think the Internet is important and beneficial for human, while others think the Internet has several serious drawbacks which influence people's behavior. This essay will discuss the benefits of the Internet, especially in learning and daily life.

Firstly, the Internet is a quiet powerful acquiring knowledge tool. Nowadays, students can study online, facing with the teachers and having lessons through the camera. Students also can download the lectures from the Internet and review it whenever they want. Furthermore, people can easier update the news by the Internet rather than on newspaper or television, for they can search the news and events on the Internet wherever and whenever they are. Breaking news also can be spread immediately by the Internet even though people are shopping outside. In addition, students can search the sources they want for their essays directly through the Internet. It is a convenient and efficient way to gather information. For these reasons, the Internet is a great invention for acquiring knowledge.

Secondly, the Internet makes people's daily lives more convenient. Nowadays, people are able to communicate with others who is far away from them because of the Internet. The Internet has shorten the distance between people in different countries. They can contact with each other if they can access the Internet. Then, online shopping is more and more popular today, for you can buy many thing on the Internet without going outside. Online shopping also provides many options which enables people to compare different products on the websites. what is more, Internet allows people make a payment online, such as transfer money and make a reservation. People can transfer money and book in advance on websites instead of going...

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