Chapter 2 Blood Circulation and Transport
Paper 1
Each question is followed by four options. Choose the best answer for each question.
1 Which of the following facts about the heart is correct?
I The heart has four chambers
II Blood enters the heart at the auricles
III The ventricles push blood out of the heart
IV The bicuspid valve is situated between the left auricle and the left ventricle
A I and III only
B II and IV only
C I, II and III only
D I, II, III and IV

2 From which part of the heart does the blood leave to go to the lungs?
A The right ventricle
B The right auricle
C The left ventricle
D The left auricle

3 A student was examining a specimen of a chicken artery and a chicken vein. The specimens were not labelled. How can he tell the vein from the artery?
A The vein has thicker walls
B The vein is longer
C The vein has a smaller lumen
D The vein has valves

4 Which of the following facts is correct about capillaries?
A Only found in the alveoli
B Carries deoxygenated blood only
C Connect arteries and veins
D Have valves


What is the role of the blood cell in the figure shown above?
A To fight infection
B To transport oxygen
C To coagulate blood
D To filter impurities from the blood

6 Which of the following is true about the pulmonary artery?
I It carries blood under low pressure
II It carries deoxygenated blood
III It has valves
IV Its walls are thick and muscular
A I and II only
B II and IV only
C I, II and III only
D I, II, III and IV

7 Which of the following is not a human blood type?

8 Why is a person with O blood type considered a universal donor?
A Because people with all other blood types can receive O type blood
B Because people with O type blood can only receive O type blood
C Because people with A and B type blood can receive O type blood
D Because people with...

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