Disagreements in Romantic Relationships

Disagreements in Romantic Relationships

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Disagreements in Romantic Relationships: An Issue of Interpersonal Conflict

The interpersonal conflict chosen is regarding disagreement in romantic relationships and how this affects the overall quality of the relationship. Learning how to deal with a partner who has different standards for the relationship and achieving overall satisfaction can be challenging. Lately I have been researching the conflicts that occur in romantic relationships and the findings of the research. I have discovered many similar scholarly studies that relate to my dilemma. The studies have taught me some coping strategies as well as given me tools to efficiently deal with the conflicts.

The biggest issues I have had is when it comes to my personal romantic relationships. After the first few months, disagreements begin to arise when expectations aren’t met. The lack of proper communication leads to negative assumptions, which then leads to arguments. One of the coping strategies that I have used in the past in stonewalling. This in turn makes my partner demand an explanation of why I am acting that way. I have always thought that staying quite is better than saying mean and hurtful things that I will regret saying later on. The constant arguing leads to stress and resentment and eventually ends the relationship. The journal articles that were most helpful helped me realize how to act during fights, and the reasons behind some of the main arguments.

The scholarly articles and sections of the class book that relate to my case all offer insight on a variety issues. Some of the articles helped me understand my responsive behaviors, attachment, unfulfilled standards, and the consequences of hurt to a relationship. And the negative emotions following a breakup. Another article looks at stress and how it’s related to conflict in a person’s life. Other articles tie in directly with my case and talk about housecleaning issues and responding to roommate problems. With...

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