Disc Platinum Rule

Disc Platinum Rule

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Running Head: DiSC Platinum Rule

DiSC Platinum Rule Assessment
University of Phoenix
MGT 344

We have recently participated in the DISC Platinum Rule Behavior Style Assessment individually. The assessment began by having each of us fill out a questionnaire. Through answering 18 questions with either a fully or somewhat reply, a customized report is generated describing the findings from the questionnaire. The answers are calculated then plotted on a graph, which determines the behavioral style. This paper will discuss that within our team, , we have three different behavior styles, the dominant style, the cautious style, and the interactive style. The predominant style of the team is the interactive style, with three members fitting into this category. As with any team, there is a difference between the members. By understanding the different styles within the group, we should be able to become a successful team and accomplish our goals together.
The Dominant Style
The results of Daniel’s graph showed that he fell in the dominant (D) end of the spectrum. Within dominance, there are four sub-styles; dominant (d), interactive (i), steadiness (s), and cautious (c). His point on the graph fell within Ds, meaning he has a dominant style with a steadiness sub-style, which the assessment labeled The Producer.
“The goal that motivates The Producer (or Ds) is accomplishing bigger and better goals according to an internal timetable. You prefer to e involved in your chosen activities from start to finish, and you resist people who are obstacles to your achievements. Your ability to produce makes you highly valued in situations in which an efficient, dependable, or incrementally improving rate of production is desired” (Author, Year, Page #).
In Daniels opinion the above summary sounded very similar to the spiel received from a fortuneteller. He is always optimistic and very curious how accurately the assessment would depict...

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