Discrimination Legislation

Discrimination Legislation

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Discrimination Legislation
Antoinette R. Hillary
AIU Online
December 12, 2010

Employee Training Manual
Table of Contents
Section 1: Managing a Changing Workforce
A. Women in the Workforce
B. Age Factor
C. Education
D. Increase in Population
Section 2: Racial Issues & Discrimination
A. Changes in demographics
B. Problems of different races in the workplace
C. Ways a company can communicate diversity in the workplace
Section 3: Sexual Issues & Discrimination
A. Cracking the glass ceiling
B. Stereotyping in the workplace
C. Gender roles in the workplace
D. Griggs v. Duke Power case
Section 4: Age & Religious Discrimination
A. Religious Discrimination
B. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and accommodations in the workplace
C. Accommodations and problems of religious practices of Muslims, Buddhist and Protestants (Seventh-day Adventist) in the workplace
Section 5: Discrimination Legislation
A. Definition of Affirmative Action
B. The start of Affirmative Action
C. The primary goal for the Affirmative action legislation
D. Famous Legislations
E. Rises of Affirmative Action
F. University of California v. Bakke

Affirmative action has gone through many changes over the past four decades which was due to many changes in the legislation and rulings in the court, many of which that will be discussed in this paper.

Discrimination Legislation
Affirmative action is a definite move toward increasing the state of being for not only for women but minorities in different things like employment, education and in the business world. Affirmative action seems to always create extreme debates when it comes down to preferred choices on the grounds of race, gender or ethnicity of a person. (Stanford Encyclopedia, 2009).
In the 48 years turbulent years that affirmative action has been around it has been commended and ridiculed as a way to explain racial differences. In...

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