Diversity in Corporate Values and Personalities

Diversity in Corporate Values and Personalities

Perfect Position Paper

Jonathan Gill

May 30, 2010

Jim Severnak



Corporate environments as a whole are diversified. Diversification comes in the wake of corporate methodology, values, people and their personalities. The objective of every corporation is to employ people of whom, will benefit the corporation’s objectives. These objectives are measured by more parameters than just profit. Customer Service, Shipping/Delivery and desirable business practices within the market. Gill & Sons, Inc (my company) is increasing the size of its operations. Since Gill & Sons, Inc is a relatively small company and only five (5) years old, it’s important that the realignment be concurrent with the skill sets of all the employees and managers involved. However in this case we will be discussing a realignment of my duties, skills and strengths that will benefit the company and the appropriate role in which I would be able to do that. This paper will discuss my strengths, weaknesses as it pertains to owning and operating a business. In addition I will be discussing my leadership style, the most fitting job type and a contrast between my leadership style and that of others as identified in the text and other sources.

Leadership Style & Possible Fitting Positions
The style of leadership used is based on beliefs, values, preferences and culture of the owner, corporation and executive management and their implementation and growth plans for the company to achieve. Although a plethora of leadership styles exists for any given number of people and personalities, my leadership style is as diversified as the personalities in which Gill & Sons, Inc employs. My personality type is that of a Dominating Director style. Based on the assessments regarding leadership style, I am a much more task oriented leader with minimal concern for people in general. My leadership style according to (Pearson Prentice Hall 2010) is more concerned with...

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