Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters

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“Diversity Matters”

Many believe that life would be simple and easy if we stayed within our own cultural, economical, and/or racial boundaries. However, I strongly disagree with this mindset. Diversity, in my opinion, is a necessity in contributing to the well roundedness of an individual. A diverse person is able to get along with others and expand their horizons. In reality, the world is not composed entirely of people who are of one race, gender, economic, social, or educational background, therefore, it would be highly beneficial to live, work or go to school with others who are of different backgrounds than oneself.

Diversity is vital in our demanding world today. One must be diverse and able to easily adapt to the constant changes in our society. Being a diverse person can contribute to an environment free from discrimination and the ability to make others feel welcomed. A diverse person is better able to cope with changes, irregardless of these changes being minor or major.

I went to a predominantly white middle school. In those three, short years, I learned a lot about myself and others who I interacted with on a daily basis. Being a minority is certainly not easy. At times, I was looked over simply because of my race, and at other times I stood out for the same exact reason. Yet, I learned over time to use this factor to my advantage. By going to school with children of different origins and cultures, I learned a lot the true meaning of diversity. My classmates were from varied ethnic backgrounds: Asian, Hispanic, African, Native American, and European. I gained a sense of comfort around each and every ethnic group and appreciated the art of communicating with my peers of different ethnicities.
Imagine if you are working for a particular company and everyone is of the exact same gender, race, and social and educational background. If all people had the same knowledge, where would all the new ideas be attained? How would the company...

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