Dna Computers

Dna Computers

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Abstract :-

“A computer is nothing but a device or a machine which manipulates data according to the set of instructions given to it.” This definition is well known to all of us.
Now a days, computer has its own significance as a multi applicable device.

The birth of computers goes back to many decades. A computer has lion’s share in the development of this whole universe. Right from the discrete components to the silicon chip based microprocessors; the technological improvement in the field of computers is outstanding.

Computer processor manufacturer are furiously trying to manufacture a processor more compact, faster and capable. To achieve it, an inventive technological research on “DNA computers” is going to provide a path.

The unique combination of biotechnology and computer science made it possible to have a computer, embedded on DNA. The existence of it will lead to have an enormous speed of operation and billion times data storage capacity in a computer. Leonard Adleman, from The University of Southern California, invented this technology, resulting in the simpler, faster and integrate computation and execution of the task.

By using the biomedical principles of DNA and its bio medical structural advantages, DNA computer will have more number of parallel data processing buses to provide more executable instructions to be executed at the same unit time interval. Also the constructional alignments of it will provide more number of memory locations in a single DNA, for more memory storage. This paper will present the study about the basic conceptual observation about DNA computers; its advantages, disadvantages and aimed applications.

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