Dna Databnk

Dna Databnk

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Should the United States Government Establish a DNA Databank for All Citizens?
Denard Goodman

A DNA Database is a compilation of DNA profiles which can be used by law enforcement agencies to identify suspects of crimes. The first database was created in the United Kingdom. One of the issues surrounding the establishment of DNA databases is the way the information is received. Many people testify to the unorthodox ways law enforcement use to collect DNA profiles for the database; often involving throwing away of one’s legal rights. Often the entries into the database are subjective; being there are 37% African American entry’s compared to the 10% Caucasian. A further concern has been raised over the 24,000 samples held of children and young people aged from 10 to 18 who have never been convicted, cautioned or charged with any offence.
The use of the database for genetic research without consent has also been controversial, as has the storage of DNA samples and sensitive information by the commercial companies which analyze them for the police. Given the privacy issues, but set against the usefulness of the database in identifying offenders, some have argued for a system whereby the encrypted data associated with a sample is held by a third, trusted, party and is only revealed if a crime scene sample is found to contain that DNA. An approach has been advocated by the inventor of genetic fingerprinting, Alec Jeffrey’s.

The United States should establish a DNA databank for all citizens.
In America, there are tons of criminals waiting to advantage of any regular law abiding citizen, some are caught some are not. Why should we let these criminals get through the justice system without punishment? We need to have a cross tracking for finding and narrowing suspect national and international.
A DNA databank could prove very benefential to the slowly failing justice system of America. A DNA database covering the whole population and every visitor to the US...

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