Do You Know How to Choose Lubricant for Impact Crusher?

Do You Know How to Choose Lubricant for Impact Crusher?

In order to promote the competitive strength, the advance technologies have been introduced from American, Germany, Japan and Australia. Our company built the international advanced production line, first -class modern testing base as well as research centers of sand maker, mill, mine-selecting and building materials equipment. Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make the company become the mining machinery manufacturing and exporting base in China.

In the lubrication aspect of mining equipment, in the first few years before, more than half of the enterprises do not have specialized equipment lubrication management personnel. If equipment breaks down, it tends to find problems from the machine itself, and few would have thought the problem of 'oil'. However, in recent years, as China opens up and various regions exchange as well as our local technology develops, we noticed our shortcomings of equipment lubrication. Now our lubrication oil has reached more than 600 kinds. Besides, we have trained a large number of professional equipment lubrication and management personal.

The rational lubrication of impact crusher machine can reduce the failure rate. Let us have a look at the summarize of Fote Machinery on lubrication of impact crusher.

The lubricant of impact crusher equipment must be proper in amount, which should not be too much nor too little. If the equipment is in excess of lubricant, the power generated by the motor can not be fully passed to impact crusher, which further affects the crushing efficiency. Besides, it will cause the lubricant to heat up, causing damage to the equipment. If you add too little lubricant, the parts will suffer friction, accelerating the demage speed of parts. Here, Fote Machinery Doctor tells you that the amount of lubricant should be controlled within one in third of the space inside the machine.

Before refueling, please clean the oil mouth of the impact crusher...

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