Do You Know New Way to Peel the Soya by Soya Peeling Machine?

Do You Know New Way to Peel the Soya by Soya Peeling Machine?

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Do You Know New Way to Peel the Soya by Soya Peeling Machine?

Soya is main food of many countries. Purchasers need a reliable soybeans peeling machine manufacturer. Win Tone has a professional experience on soybean skin peeler.

Win Tone has invented a new way to peel soya, to peel in dry way, no need water, no need soak in water at all. The beans peeling machine peels dry soya beans, and it only needs to peel one time, no second time needed, peel very well. 

1. Because it is a new technology specially for peeling soya beans, it removes and separates beans skin excellently. Beans are peeled in halves, easier to be further processed.
2. Because it peels one time, beans breakage rate is pretty low, which allows for more profit margin.
3. Because it adopts dry way to peel soya beans, operation is easy and production cost reduces a lot.
4. From the beans skin separated, you will know there is very little bean powder produced during peeling beans.

Soybean skin peeler working principle:
Soybean skin peeler uses emery blade in high rotary speed to continuously cut and rub the soybeans so as to damage bonding strength between soybean germs and endosperms. And it has highly efficient air suction chamber inside to collect the bean cortex from peeling process. Soybean skin peeler peeling rate can reach 95% above.Soybean peeling machine can peel the soybeans efficiently like this until it produces good quality peeled soybean kernels.

We can customize soybean peeling machine according to your requirements. Our soya peeling machine will improve the soya taste by efficiently peel off the bean skin.

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