Does England Still Need Local Post Offices

Does England Still Need Local Post Offices

Does England Still Need Local Post Offices?

Table of contents
Introduction 1
Method 2
Results and discussion 3
Conclusion 5
List of references 6
Appendix 7

Research question: The Internet is not making local post offices in England redundant.


In october the Royal mail was hit by a series of strikes which caused widespread disruption to postal services. Plans to decrease payment of communication workers and of closing down hundreds of post oddices caused the strike. It has been argued, that the Royal Mail’s monopoly on delivering has been broken, ( The guardian 2007) however, the strike lead to chaotic state of things and a loss of estimated 260 million pound (Metro 2007). Hundreds of small businesses welcomed the final agreement between the Communication Workers Union and the Royal Mail at the end of October(The guardian 2007) but also individuals suffered from the strike when letters and parcels were not delievered for weeks( the guerdian 2007)

Years ago, in 2006 the royal mail wanted to close down hundreds of post offices first, arguaing that there was in steady decrease of incomes and they weren’t used anymore. (the guerdian 200) One possible reasons why the use of rooyal mail service could have been decreasing could be the obvious increase in usage of e-mail and internet in recent years. (source)However, as many seem to have been affected by the strike the research hypotheses studied in this report is: the uge increase in internet access will not make local post offices redindant in England.
This research question implies two main areas of information which need to be investigated. First it is expected to find that people in England do widely use Internet and e-mail. Secondly it is assumed that a usage of traditional mail services is still common.
In addition to research from different media sources a survey has been developed and conducted among inhabitant of Sheffield to confirm...

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