Does Our Generation Have a Role in America's Future?

Does Our Generation Have a Role in America's Future?

´╗┐Does our generation have a role in America's future?

Of course our generation has a role in America's future, because we are

the future. Whether that role will be a positive one or a negative one is still

undecided. Just like everything else in the world, there are both good sides and

bad sides to it. Although we now have higher education, more advanced

technology, and better ways of communicating, it depends on how we use our

knowledge that will indicate our future.

I interviewed a couple of students to help come to my own conclusion.

The first student believes our generation is only getting worse and will play a bad

role in America's future. Here's what she had to say.

"Yes, our generation will play a role in America's future. I think it will play a

bad role because our government is low on money and people are losing jobs.

Kids are dropping out of school and doing drugs, not to mention teenage

pregnancies, and the ages of pregnant girls are getting younger day by day. In

conclusion, our generation most definently plays a role in America's future, but

it could also be a better one."

I certainly see where she's coming from. There's a lot of bad in America

these days. More and more kids are dropping out of school, getting pregnant,

and pretty much just throwing their lives away. Most of this is because of

laziness, carelessness, and being irresponsible, and that's thanks to modern

technology. Now that we have cell phones, computers, iPods, ect, we've become

much lazier. A while back, we had to walk places to see people and we actually

had to learn things instead of just using Google. Also, we had better ways of

entertaining ourselves in the past. Back then kids would play games outside and

get exercise. Now we play video games, watch TV, and listen to music all the

time, which does nothing for our health. America has more obese people than

any other country in...

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