Does the Hobbit endorse Wisdom or Cunning

Does the Hobbit endorse Wisdom or Cunning

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The hobbit is a book written by J.R.R. Tolkien. The book revolves around Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo is a Hobbit who has a very straight forward life. But when Gandalf, the adventurous wizard comes, Bilbo’s life is turned upside down. In this story we find many situations were the characters show wisdom, and also they show there cunning side. In the text we look at all the different situations and were the characters either show wisdom, or cunning.

When Gandalf first comes to get Bilbo, Bilbo doesn’t know if he should go. He doesn’t want to step out of his comfort zone but yet he still decides to go with them. His mum, Belladonna Took was very adventurous. His Tookish side helped him in deciding whether he should go. Bilbo is quite wise and could also see something good could come out of this and plus he knows he can’t stay in his comfort zone forever. This is was why he ended up going with Gandalf and Thorin.

After they leave, the group gets captured by three trolls. Gandalf had left earlier so he is not captured. Gandalf’s cunningness save the whole group. He imitates the voices of the trolls and then gets them all into an argument. They stay out to long and when the sun rises all the trolls turn to stone. If it wasn’t for Gandalf’s cunningness and quick thinking the whole group would have probably been killed. Also his wisdom about the trolls and how he knew about the trolls would have helped him in saving the group.

One night when they are sheltering from a storm they all get captured by goblins. Luckily Gandalf quickly gets all of them out of there but they accidentally leave Bilbo behind. Bilbo quickly decides he should not leave them and he starts finding a path to get back to the group. When he gets into the caves he finds a golden ring which he slips into his pocket. Soon he meets Gollum. Gollum wants to eat him But Bilbo decides to play a game of riddles with him. Bilbo is cunning and he wins the game buy asking, “What have I got in my pocket?”....

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