Driven by Desire

Driven by Desire

This is my reaction to “Driven by Desire”, which is an interview with George Draffan published in The Sun. Derrick Jensen, who asked Draffan many detailed questions, did the interview. Draffan, who practices Buddhism, ties many of his ideals of the global economy with his beliefs of being aware. He discovered activism during the spring of his youth (15) and since, knew what he had wanted to do. Though I do not practice Buddhism, I strongly agree with his beliefs of the world and how everyone is tied to everything.

I know that the international trade is good for the big industries, but, looking into the future, not everything looks well on a national level. As Draffan states, the poorer get poorer and the richer get richer. When the gap gets bigger between the two, it will only become harder to pay all the debts.

In fact, Jensen asks Draffan why humans have become so destructive for their own benefits. Over time, people started to see themselves as separate from those around them, causing the belief that one can be stronger than the other (the second face of power). The weaker are the ones who are to provide for the stronger. No matter, there are women in third world countries who will get cancer from putting hard drives together. I feel that people should put themselves as a citizen first, rather than as a consumer. By doing so, there is a high chance of preventing laborers from getting cancer.

I see that the government provides (subsidy) for industries and corporations when in trouble. A good quote is the following said by Draffan, “It’s usually aimed at giving an unfair advantage to a corporation or an industry”. That is 100% true. Even now, the car industry is having a toll on everyone. Money is taken from everyone just to bail them out. They end up making it worse due to the air pollution caused by the cars. Billions of dollars are spent to take care of people affected by pollution. In my opinion, it is ridiculous how the government bails out a...

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