Dynamic: Definition

Dynamic: Definition

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Daniel F. Trocino

Dr. Lucia Chercui

ENG. 102

April 26, 2011


Dynamic can be defined as rapidly changing, constantly evolving and readily altering. Most use this term to describe round characters as they often mature and grow as human beings. The purpose of most pieces of literature is to provide the reader with a profound moral solution or concept that leads one to enlightenment. Although, most stories are positive and support a just and liberating tale others display a dark and ominous mood that lingers within the stories characters. In “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Tennessee Williams depicts Blanche Dubois as a character that struggles to find happiness in which she remains unpleasant as her search for help fades into the horizon.

Blanche Dubois is introduced as a conceited flat character. Striving for acceptance and high recognition Blanche is immediately characterized as being rude and arrogant. When moving in with younger sister Stella, Blanche is agile and quick to put her down. For example,

“Blanche: Why, that you had to live in these conditions! Stella: Aren’t you being a little intense about it? It’s not that bad at all! New Orleans isn’t like other cities. Blanche: This has nothing to do with New Orleans. You might as well say-forgive me, blessed baby the subject is closed!” (1170).

In this instance Williams is displaying Blanche’s poor personality traits as she puts down her own sister after springing it upon Stella to let her stay. Throughout the play the reader also learns of Blanche’s deviant history.

As the play progresses we learn of Blanche’s history and her struggle to find happiness. Blanche was fired from her position at school as a teacher in Mississippi because of her alleged affair with a minor. Shortly after, she was seen working at the Flamingo hotel where she would spend nights with random strangers in exchange for cash. In attempt to find happiness and support the cost of living in...

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