Easy Availablity of Information Regarding Public Issues and Policies

Easy Availablity of Information Regarding Public Issues and Policies


1. The most important information on this website to get voters to vote is the easy availability of information regarding public issues and policies. The information is all nonbiased - it is just the facts. People can get on this website and research the issues that are important to them, the ones that will make a difference in their live, and see how the people currently in office feel about them and how they have voted on the issues. If they do not like what they see, they will be more likely to find a candidate who they agree with and get out and vote.

Several problems have existed historically in voting that might have caused people to not vote. Voters must meet requirements to register to vote. People would have to take time off from work prior to the day of election to register. The registration process is thought to be more difficult than the actual voting. Registration is a con for voting. Another con would be the ballots because a some people might be confused and not be able to work the ballots. With punch cards or paper, people may over vote by punching too much or under vote by not punching at all. Either way, the cards would be thrown out and a recount would be called. Poll taxes was another con for voting. These taxes were required of all voters in order to vote. In 1964, Amendment Twenty four was passed to abolish poll taxes and this problem was resolved.

The Fifteenth Amendment was a major key in historical voting changes. This amendment eliminated restrictions based on race. A key pro in the voting changes is the Nineteenth Amendment. This amendment involved women’s suffrage. In 1920, this amendment passed and gave women the right to vote. The Twenty-sixth Amendment was another key pro in voting changes. Georgia allowed 18 year olds to vote in 1945, but other states disagreed with this. However, in 1971 during the Vietnam War, 18 year olds were being drafted and sent to war without having the...

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