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Topics for Unit 1 Cause/Effect Paragraph: Social Norms & Conformity
Start with knowledge-telling. Select one of the following to brainstorm ideas for causes or effects.

1. Gender role norms/expectations
2. Social media norms/habits
3. Driving norms/habits (road rage… other countries don’t have this like us)
4. Personal space norms/habits (leave space next to someone in a movie theater or classroom--many European countries aren’t sensitive about this)
5. Advertising: Objectifying women or men; body image; Using Scare Tactics to persuade/change behavior
6. Social interaction norms (Shake hands and keep eye contact)
7. American Consumer culture (keep up with what’s new; latest and greatest; “live to spend”)
8. Technology and communication (expect to hear back instantly; short messages)
9. CrossFit culture (push yourself as far as you can to get maximum results; timing yourself/ maximum weight or reps; group workouts)

Brainstorm Topic Selection
Potential Topics
Over weight, keeping in shape for Sports keeping in shape for your health
For over weight making your heath a lot better mating your weight to stay in your weight class in wresting or what type of sport that you do!!
Eating healthy
Will help you keep your weight at a safe level
You can live longer
You can feel happier
You can set a good role model for your kids

Which prompt did you choose? I had mixed the two in to one

What interests you about this particular prompt/why did you choose it?
Everyone need to keep in shape and eat heathy to live a long life I the long run. And the happier you will become. You can do more with your family and the happier that they are the happier you will become. I am trying to eat healthier and keep in shape but I have to watch what I do because my back is fused

TAPFoR—Pre-writing strategy
T- Topic- Exercise and eating heathy

A-Audience- group workouts heathy eating people...

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