Eco Lodge

Eco Lodge

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The name of our resort is cielos paraiso. Our Eco resort is found in Venezuela, Venezuela is very unique country some 38% of the over 21,000 plant species are unique to the country; 23% of reptilian and 50% of amphibian species are also endemic. Our resort is built on the end of a river valley which offers great views and some good white water rafting, Our lodge is very eco-friendly. Some features of our lodge are
• Built into hill to keep cooling costs down
• Lots of windows to allow sun light in
• Solar Panels
• Wind Turbines
• Rain Barrels
• Bamboo Flooring( because is easy to replace and get)
• Water is stored in tubes on the outside of the building for hot water
• Compost

Some more eco-friendly features around our resort are water wheels at the bottom of the waterfall to generate energy, We have a boardwalk system in the trails to protect the environment, a vegetable garden to produce our own vegetables

So for food we can produce our own vegetables and for meats and breads we buy from local towns to cut shipping down and to support the local towns

Waste from the resort is treated first through a natural pond system which has plants that break down the material and clean the water significantly, there is no odour released from this at all. The water is then sent to an on site small filtration system to make sure that the water is fully cleaned before going back out into the lake no unessacary chemicals are added or chemicals that would harm any of the wildlife in the lake
Some of the native animals in this area are capybaras and giant anteaters, along with over 1000 different bird species of which 48 are only found in Venezuela

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