Eco Maketing

Eco Maketing

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Assignment 2
Prepare a report on the macroeconomic policy settings currently being applied in Australia. In your report you are expected to describe the policies that are in place and comment on whether you see those policies as suitable in the context of expectations about economic growth, unemployment, inflation and trade over the next year. Given your analysis, you are expected to conclude the report with policy predictions and recommendations for policy stability or change .Trend analysis of about the last five years is expected.
Given the current instability in the global financial system there are some significant contradictions to long-term policy stability targets that you will read about in your research .You are not expected in this assignment to be able to fully canvass the many economic issues lowing from this current global financial crisis (GFC) especially as they conflict with longer term trend policy outcomes and settings both historically and into the future.
This assignment is not about the global financial crisis in its totality but a review of past settings and their success, including past, current and into the future. As such it is expected that you acknowledge the impact that this crisis may have on long-term historical policy settings and acknowledge how it may affect future policy outcomes but don’t make the GFC the focus of your entire overall trend and future predictive analysis.
A footnote to the above GFC commentary also is that Australia seems to have (so far) been spared much of the downside of the GFC although the current Australian Labour Government did take action at the onset of the GFC to manage the possible risks that a GFC can bring.
Your report must include:

*. An appropriate title

*. An abstract (sometimes called an executive summary) of about 150 words summarizing the report

* An introduction in which you briefly explain what you are going to address in the report and why

* The body of the essay...

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