Economic Factors Affecting Product Price

Economic Factors Affecting Product Price

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Box office attendance decreases for several reasons-chief among them is the smorgasbord of entertainment options, such as video games, music, movies, television, and user-generated content (as might be viewed on social network sites) in a variety of formats and through innovative methods of delivery that include online and mobile devices.
Today approximately three out of four people prefer to watch movies in locations other than a theater because their satisfaction with the movie theater experience has declined, citing high ticket prices, boring commercials, rude behavior among other patrons, and dirty theaters.


Piracy is one of the most challenging problems faced by the motion picture industry. Especially illegal downloads from the Internet, affects revenue. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) estimates that more than $6.1 billion of revenue was lost because of piracy. While most piracy occurs in China, Russia, and India, the U.S. has its fair share. Piracy takes many forms, the most common being the unlawful release of a stolen print that is then uploaded to a file-sharing site, such as Pirate Bay.

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Internet has become a place where users have the possibility to download and watch movies (or) watch online (Streaming Videos) at a more affordable price in comparison to going to the cinema. The reason why legally downloading movies online is more affordable is because there are no extra costs like in the cinema.
Advanced mobile phone technology allows the users to download the movies and songs to their mobile phone such as Apple ITunes application....

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