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EDU 639 ASH Course Tutorial/Tutorialrank

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The Socio-Historical Context of Multicultural Education. Describe the socio-historical and contemporary contexts for multicultural and bilingual education in your school district. How have decisions such as Brown vs. the Board of Education, the 2007 ruling by the Supreme Court against voluntary de-segregation or the policies ofNo Child Left Behind /Race to the Top impacted the way multicultural education has evolved and been interpreted in your district. Who is “silenced” or forgotten in your school curriculum as a result of these decisions or policies?
Bias and Social Psychology. Social scientists believe that everyone possesses conscious and unconscious, preferences for some social groups over others. Consider your own background and experience with race, gender, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation. What groups do you gravitate towards in society and how can you create more opportunities for exposure to individuals from backgrounds quite different from your own? Considering the cultural immersion exercise due in Week Four, how do you think you might be able create opportunities for broadening your world view while taking this class?
Diary Entry of a Diverse Student. Consider the demographic of your local school and identify one student from a background that would be most different from your own. Imagine the first day of school from this student’s perspective as you are introduced to the class as his or her new teacher. This is a creative writing piece where you are expected to step outside your own world view and into the shoes of the “other” in your classroom. You may need to research a bit about the culture of the student whose perspective you will be writing from and ask friends or colleagues to help you better understand your typical body language...

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