Education in China

Education in China

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Comparing and contrasting the education systems in junior college and university in China


Ever year, thousands of students finish their high school courses, planning to entry the tertiary level in today’s China. And they will find they are provided with a series of choices to continue education, which junior college and university are the most prevalent ways, for these secondary school graduates. So, the problem is which to choose. This essay will focus on the similarities and the difference between those two primary kinds of high education system.

As the high-level education system, junior college and university have a range of similarities in many fields. Firstly, both of them require a senior high school experience, in another words, applicants must be graduates of senior high school or equivalent education background. Secondly, before enrollment, students must choose a subject as their major in both junior college and university. The subject they choose will classify them into different classes, and give them the domain of study range. Finally, students in both High level education schools must get enough credits to graduate, which means they have to finish each stage of study, get enough knowledge about their Learning objectives in there teaching plans and pass the examinations as well.

However, even though there are some similarities between the junior college and university in China, it is can be distinguished obviously these two kinds of High education from each other by some aspects.

First of all, the entry condition in junior colleges and universities are different. Before students graduate from their middle school, they have to attend a test, which is so-called High Entry Examination, and the mark they got from this test will divide them in to different group. Generally speaking, the university required a high mark on account that they think those students who got a high mark show a high ability in study. So, the...

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